Our careers have been spent delivering high-quality consulting services to clients in a variety of industries in Canada, Australia and the USA.

We have acquired extensive experience to help you:

Plan your Digital Strategy

As senior consultants in international environments, we have consulted on numerous business and technology issues, and presented strategic recommendations to Senior Executives and Boards – on a wide range of topics – such as:

  • Technology best practices and trends for platforms, software, architecture, and security
  • Business justification for software selection and major IT investments
  • Information Technology and knowledge management (ITM / KM) services

Create your Unique Messaging

Today, knowledge is shared both inside an organization, and externally to your clients or customers using the Internet. Based on our vast expertise, we can help you create a digital content strategy that is relevant and inclusive, including:

  • Technology Architectures – from analysis to design
  • Content for websites or social media, including customer issue-resolution and responses – targeting your specific audiences
  • Editorial calendars – to maintain audience reach, and engagement, on a regular, meaningful basis

Manage your Project Delivery

Throughout the years, we realized that projects are managed according to the terms and conditions that were originally agreed within the contract – and even before that in the procurement phase – have a higher success rate. Based on this understanding, we developed a course on Contract Management, and a methodology for performing Project Health-Checks. We can protect your project investments by providing:

  • Methodologies
  • Issue identification to ensure projects stay on track
  • Project Governance to identify and mitigate risks

We also have used this experience to support legal teams in several contract disputes. To learn more about our Litigation Support Services click here.

Relevant Qualifications

In addition to years of experience working with both international (Big-5) and local consulting firms  – in Canada and globally (Australia, Asia, Europe, USA, Caribbean) – we have these consulting credentials:

  • Certified Management Consultants (CMC)
  • Certificate in Prince2 Project Management
  • Methodology training in consulting topics

Contact us to discuss your requirements for management consulting, and learn more about how our expertise can help you today. 

Ashby-Bachmann Inc.