Based on a successful career in IT project governance, we have frequently been called upon to support mediation and litigation in IT contract disputes in Canada, Australia and Singapore. See the results in these case studies

Using this expertise, we also developed and taught an original course in Contract Management for the University of Sydney (Australia – 2006).

We offer our skills and capabilities as Subject Matter Experts to support you with these complex issues:

Expert Witness in IT Project Failures

We have supported the legal team on several technology-related court cases by combining our “knowledge” of IT project governance with our capabilities in Contract Management, to provide clients with:

  • Evidence-based analysis and expert opinion in understanding the nuances of failed projects to support counsel and the litigation team
  • Attention-to-detail forensic analysis to identify where and when the project derailed
  • Guidance for future Project Governance to prevent failed projects

Stage-Gate Project Reviews

Using our expertise in writing – and responding to – a wide range of Requests for Proposal (RFPs), we designed an approach which focuses on outcomes-based requirements. This approach is also used for monitoring a project’s progress by conducting “health-checks” along the way. We provide:

  • Methodologies to assess and improve existing governance processes
  • Issue identification, risk analysis and solution recommendations to keep projects on-track
  • Mediation (accredited) to bring troubled projects back on track

We can also identify key issues that will help you to prevent your IT projects from failing in the first place. 

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Relevant Qualifications

Our credibility is based on in-depth knowledge in both theory and practice, and in our “attention to detail” in evaluating evidence. Never was the expression “the devil is in the detail” been truer than when pouring over volumes of project data and timelines as well as processes, procedures, and tecno-babble that sound like a foreign language. We not only have the skills and acumen to provide litigation support, but we offer you supporting credentials:

  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) – Since1982; Elected Fellow (FCMC) in 2012
  • Certified Mediator – Institute of Mediators and Arbitrators of Australia (IAMA) 2002
  • Project Management Certificate (Prince2 – equivalent to PMI-PMBOK)
  • Consulting experience in Canada and internationally (Australia, Asia, Europe, USA, Caribbean), including training in various technology methodologies and topics

Contact us to discuss your requirements for keeping your projects on track or for “litigation support” when they fall off the rails. Learn more about how our expertise can help you today. 

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