Social Media- Business Development Tool or Evil Necessity?

A few years ago I started a new business designing an innovative line of recumbent-cycle clothing. It is a very small niche market. The biggest challenge I was going to face was finding my customers – all over the world.

A few friends in-the-know at the time introduced me to Social Media tools and told me I just had to adapt and adopt. I was sceptical but went ahead anyway. After three years I am a die-hard “fan” and “like” the tools so much that I now consult to other small businesses that want to know how they too can generate business with a few “tweets” and “posts”. If this language is strange to you – let’s talk and I can translate. I am a small business owner – just like you – who has experienced the benefits.

The most important lesson I learned is the one my “friends” shared with me in the early days – you cannot avoid it. What does it say to your clients and customers when they look for you on the Internet or in Facebook and you are not there? Where will they go instead? You don’t really want to find out the answer. Since 80% of all searches for information are done on the web today – you need to be there to be found.

It is a necessity – but not an “evil one”. We can help you get started right NOW. And we keep it super-simple (KISS) for you!

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