Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content has evolved. It is more than just having a website. It includes understanding a whole set of new Internet and social media tools and evaluating the benefits that each has to offer your business. Create a Digital Content Strategy 1. Maximize your potential sooner Explore the communication gaps in your current media 2. … Read more

Blogging Basics – Will Blogging Help my Business?

You started your blog and you even have a few followers. How will that translate into business for you… First and foremost you are building your community. Your on-line customers and followers are no different than the people you deal with face-to-face. They need to be nurtured. Secondly, you are in command of the messages … Read more

Blogging Basics – Helpful Hints and Tips for Blogging

You have overcome your writer’s blog and the ideas are flowing freely – so now what… The following tips are garnered from personal experience, reading other people’s blogs, and from reading many instruction manuals about blogging. (I have read so many that I apologize in advance if I have shared someone else’s advice without attribution. … Read more

Blogging Basics – What Tools and Skills Do I Need to Blog?

OK, so you decided that I need a blog – but you don’t know how to get started… First of all find the right content management system (CMS) for you and your organization. You want it to be easy to use for the writing, editing and publishing of content. You also want to be able … Read more

Blogging Basics – Do I Need a Blog?

Someone says “you should start blogging”. And your eyes glaze over… What is a blog? Why, when, where, and who? And how is it going to help my business? You probably already know the answer to question 1 because you are reading one now. The main characteristics of a blog are: It is self-published, giving … Read more

Social Media- Business Development Tool or Evil Necessity?

A few years ago I started a new business designing an innovative line of recumbent-cycle clothing. It is a very small niche market. The biggest challenge I was going to face was finding my customers – all over the world. A few friends in-the-know at the time introduced me to Social Media tools and told … Read more

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