Digital Content Strategy

Digital Content has evolved. It is more than just having a website. It includes understanding a whole set of new Internet and social media tools and evaluating the benefits that each has to offer your business.

Create a Digital Content Strategy

1. Maximize your potential sooner
  • Explore the communication gaps in your current media
2. Be seen in the right places
  • Create a digital content strategy that is matched to your business objectives
3. Be known in your marketplace
  • Converge your digital strategy with your traditional marketing media
  • Choose the right digital tools, platforms and channels
  • Identify the business benefits of keeping your digital content current and relevant
  • Justify the investment of resources and the ROI
  • Perform user research to better understand your target audience
  • Develop the plan – a digital content strategy with a rationalized Information Architecture
  • Write/edit/proofread your content, ensuring it is accurate
  • Develop taxonomies
  • Create templates, editorial calendars, and workflows
  • Analyze traffic on all digital media, including social media
  • Measure the success of your strategy

Take it in Stages: Evaluate, Design, Execute

We can work with you through all of the stages to create digital content that is targeted at your audiences.


  • Audit previous content and delivery channels
  • Analyze traffic and trends
  • Review the competitive environment
  • Create scenarios and personas
  • Analyze the current publishing process and workflow
  • Identify stakeholders and target audiences


  • Identify the project goals
  • Create a communication brief
  • Match the content to its audience
  • Create the Information Architecture (IA)
  • Publish a set of consistent style guidelines
  • Determine and document the proposed publishing workflows and approvals
  • Discover cross-channel opportunities
  • Formulate a set of success metrics


  • Create content templates
  • Write content – both samples and actual
  • Produce an Editorial Style Guide or adopt a standard publishing guide such as:
    • Associated Press (AP Style)
    • Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)
    • Modern Language Association (MLA)
    • American Psychological Association (APA)
    • Canada Press (CP)
  • Create and implement a Content calendar

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