10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Software Selection

Selecting new software for your enterprise can be a daunting task – so many requirements from multiple stakeholder groups to take into account, so many different software packages to choose from, and a multitude of factors to consider in addition to cost. Here are a few common mistakes to think about and therefore avoid to … Read more

Who Should Write the RFP?

or… WHY SO MANY I.T. PROJECTS FAIL Information Technology solution RFPs are generally outsourced for one primary reason – internal resources are too busy to do it. It’s a sound, but insufficient, reason. Here’s why. Frequently, IT people are not superior communicators. The IT discipline requires precision, but not nuance. Its disciples exercise control more … Read more

The CEO’S Ten Step Guide to a Successful IT Project – Step 6

Validate the RFP & Selection Process Bias, conscious or unconscious, is inherent in all of us, and in every decision that we make. Even our decisions to become better informed about a topic are effected by our biases. The places we seek information and the sources we use reflect those biases, so it’s hard to … Read more

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