Trade-Show Success – The Booth

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Variously attributed to Oscar Wilde, Will Rogers, or more likely, an unnamed copywriter for Botany Suits, they are important words to remember when investing time and money in trade show participation. Even more important, however, is the need to make any impression at … Read more

Trade-Show Success – Plan Ahead

Trade shows are a great way to introduce yourself to your marketplace. Whether you are launching a new product or service or confirming your continued existence, a booth at a trade show puts you in front of thousands of self-identified prospects. Depending on your business and business model, potentially just one of those prospects could … Read more

The CEO’s Ten Step Guide to a Successful IT Project – Step 4

Identify a high level champion for Change Management Change Management is THE primary determinant for a successful IT project. The absence or failure of the change management process accounts for fully 50% of failed projects – more than failed technology, poorly designed software or runaway budgets. Michael Hammer, the leading force behind business transformation through … Read more

The CEO’S Ten Step Guide to a Successful IT Project – Step 2

Ensure technical feasibility within the time limit proposed for the project. Step 1 was probably easy for you. As the business leader, you probably felt comfortable dealing with business objectives. You may be less comfortable with technology issues and, even more, with geeks. Fear not. Read on. The questions are here and the answers should … Read more

The CEO’S Ten Step Guide to a Successful IT Project – Step 1

Ensure the project has sustainable business benefits and identify to which business unit(s) they accrue That’s two steps, but the first seems too obvious to merit a blog entry of its own. But … You have probably already had demands from your CIO for essential funding to upgrade infrastructure to prevent the world coming to … Read more

The CEO’S Ten Step Guide to a Successful I.T. Project

In a career spanning more than forty years I have been involved in hundreds of successful project and been witness to hundreds more disasters. I have also performed more than a few post mortems on failing or failed projects. During that time, the dismal success and user satisfaction rates for IT projects has not budged, … Read more

Training Strategies that Deliver Positive Results

The best training strategies are those that are linked to the business strategy and under the auspices of a senior executive. Every CEO should be assessing the ROI on training to ensure that the spend is valued and implemented into the workplace by motivated staff. The most effective training strategies also offer a variety of … Read more

Training is an Essential Investment

Training should be seen as an “investment” in your organization and people, rather than an “expense”. But with strong competition for resources – especially when profits must be increased or costs must be cut – training and/or professional development often falls on the chopping block. To prevent this from happening, it is strategic to do … Read more

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